The Millennium by Loraine Borttner

Loraine Boettner

Loraine Boettner
March 7, 1901 – January 3, 1990

The Millennium



Broadly speaking, there are three general systems which profess to set forth the teaching of Scripture regarding the Second Coming of Christ and the future of God’s kingdom: postmillennialism, amillennialism, and premillennialism. Each holds that Scripture is the word of God and is authoritative. Each holds to the same concept of the death of Christ as the sacrifice to satisfy divine justice and the only ground for salvation. Each holds that there will be a future, visible, personal coming of Christ. Each affirms the resurrection of the body, the judgment seat of Christ, rewards for righteousness, and punishment for the wicked. The differences arise because of distinctive methods of interpretation of Scripture employed by each method.

This study on the millennium defines each system of belief as clearly as possible by exploring the writings of representative theologians, the principles of interpretation. Boettner also explains the various conceptions of the anti-Christ, the Great Tribulation, and the rapture. He also explains the history and beliefs of dispensationalism.

This permission, Loraine Boettner grants the readers, can be found in his book, “The Millennium,” which states:

Anyone is at liberty to use material from this book with or without credit. In preparing this book the writer has received help from many sources, some acknowledged and many unacknowledged. He believes the material herein set forth to be a true statement of Scripture teaching, and his desire is to further, not to restrict its use.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 57-12170
Revised Edition 1984

Fourteenth Printing, 1986
Forty-two thousand copies in print
in English, Portuguese, and Chinese.

ISBN 0-87552-128-2
Printed in the United States of America

I. Postmillennialism

  1. Introduction    3
  2. Representative Theologians in the Different Systems 10
  3. Statement of the Doctrine    14
  4. Inadequate Terminology    19
  5. A Redeemed World or Race    22
  6. The Vastness of the Redeemed Multitude    30
  7. The World is Growing Better    38
  8. Material Prosperity During the Millennium    48
  9. The Millennium not a Perfect or Sinless State    54
  10. The Millennial Age Approaches by Imperceptible Degrees    58
  11. The Thousand Years a Symbolical Figure    63
  12. A Final Apostasy and Rebellion?    67
  13. Principles of Interpretation    82
  14. The Old Testament Sacrificial System
  15. The Nature and Purpose of prophecy

II. Amillennialism

  1. Introduction    109
  2. Statements by Representative Amillennialists    113
  3. The Kingdom Prophecies    119
  4. The Binding of Satan    125
  5. Parable of the Wheat and the Tares    128
  6. Further Considerations    131

III. Premillennialism

  1. Historic Premillennialism    139
  2. Dispensationalism    149
  3. The Rapture    159
  4. The Great Tribulation    175
  5. The Anti-Christ    208
  6. The Kingdom Postponement Theory    219
  7. The Parenthesis Church Theory    229
  8. The Church in the Old Testament    237
  9. The Coming of Christ    248
  10. The Resurrection    263
  11. The Judgment    275
  12. The Kingdom    284
  13. The Millennium    290
  14. The Gospel of the Kingdom and of the Cross    305
  15. The Jews and Palestine    310
  16. Date—Setting    324
  17. “The Last Days”; “The Latter Days”    342
  18. A Pessimistic Theory    350
  19. The Influence of Premillennialism in the Churches    357
  20. Historical Aspects    363
  21. The Old and the New Covenant, and the State of Israel 376
  22. The Millennium of Revelation 20    387
  • Bibliography    411
  • Index of Authors    413
  • Index of Subjects    415

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