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Identifying Antichrist | demar-gary_01Identifying Antichrist

(Chapter 11)

Obsession of the Modern Church
Gary DeMar
©1997American Vision  3rd edition

Special thanks to Gary DeMar…on Sept. 9/2000…for giving me permission to put this on my web site so that others can read more upon who or what really was the Antichrist in a Biblical point of view.


  Antichrist Hal Lindsey wrote in 1970 that he believed that the Antichrist was alive somewhere in the world. He repeated this belief in 1977 when he wrote that it was his “personal opinion” that “he’s alive somewhere now. But he’s not going to become this awesome figure that we nickname the Anti-Christ until Satan possesses him, and I don’t believe that will occur until there is this ‘mortal wound’ from which he’s raised up.”[1] In 1980 he restated this conviction by writing that “this man [Antichrist] is alive today—alive and waiting to come forth.”[2] Although Lindsey believes the Antichrist is alive somewhere in the world today, and actually has been since at least 1970, he has stated that “we must not indulge in speculation about whether any of the current world figures is the antichrist.”[3] Anyway, determining the identity of the Antichrist does not really matter since Lindsey and others believe “that Christians will not be around to watch the debacle brought about by the cruelest dictator of all time.”[4] Continue reading