SEO Scorer WP Plugin

SEO Scorer WordPress Plugin

SEO Scorer WP Plugin

New WordPress plugin optimizes your posts like an SEO specialist and gets you more traffic from Google with just a few clicks – 100% guaranteed!



 SEO Scorer WP Plugin

The problems:

1) You may be relatively new to Search Engine Optimization and you don’t know exactly how to optimize your posts for search engines like Google.

2) Even though you know that your posts should be optimized for the search engines, you never really do it. There are just too many details like “include the keyword in the title, URL, alt tag of images etc.” (I was guilty of this one myself). Even if your content is great, it will never attract the traffic it deserves, because it’s not properly optimized.

The solution and how it works:

SEO Scorer is a super-simple WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your posts. When you go to edit a post, SEO Scorer will give you hints on what you need to fix. For example: “Try to make your title start with your keyword.”

As you keep optimizing your post, SEO Scorer will be giving you a higher and higher score. For example: 3.1%, 24.2%, 49.7%, 86.5%, 98.34% etc.

If you optimize your posts better than your competitors, you have a better chance of getting higher rankings and traffic.

World Without End uses “SEO Scorer WP Plugin” to make sure it’s blogging is done correctly the first time around…choose SEO Scorer.


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