The Paradigm Shift: The Journey Into Biblical Eschatology

TheParadigm Shift
The Journey Into Biblical Eschatology
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 The Paradigm Shift    

“The Paradigm Shift”
An introduction study tool
for those of you looking for a more accurate study
upon what many today calls “The Second Coming.”

Also, you will be learning just how, and when,
the Lord, Yeshua, has returned.

Learn why we, today, can call it “Fulfilled Eschatology”

The Paradigm Shift

Books: 13 complete books

  • The Parousia by J. Stuart Russell
  • The Christ Has Come by Ernest
  • The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus translated by William Whiston
  • The Epistle of Barnabas Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History
  • The Hope of Israel, What is it?: By, Philip Mauro 1922
  • The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation: By, Philip Mauro 1921
  • Alfred Edersheim
  • The Temple – Its Ministry and Services
  • Sketches of Jewish Social Life
  • Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah Vol. 1 & 2
  • The Life of Christ: by, Frederic W. Farrar
  • C. F. Keil and F. Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament THE BOOK OF DANIEL
  • The Millennium: Loraine Bottner ©1957 – Although “The Millennium” comes from a futuristic standpoint, Loraine Bottner’s book is a good study tool for those of you who are moving out of the Dispensational camp back into Sola Scriptura, “the Bible alone.” Section one, “Postmillennialism” (1/3 of the book) is on this disk.

Articles Over 30-plus articles from selective authors of today which was given by their permission

Written Sermons of Pastor David Curtis: April 27, 1997 – February 09, 2003 The sermons add up to almost six-full-years and can be read by subject manner or in alphabetical order


  1. 27 + 5 Beyond the End Times radio programs
  2. 37 + 17 of Pastor David Curtis’ audio sermons on Eschatology
  3. 13 of Voice of Reason & It’s Time For Truth with John Anderson
  4. 3 from Don K. Preston on the “Preterist Pilgrim’s Day”
  5. 7 from Dr. Kelly N. Birks from Messiah Church.
    • “Considering The Chilia” or the Meaning of the Millennium 2 pt.
    • Rightly Recognizing the Rapture 2 pt.
    • The Resurrection of the Dead 3 pt.

(27 + 5 new) + (37 +17 new) + 23 new = 109 AUDIOS

which can be heard with your Real Player or VLC Media Player



Price:  $40

 The Paradigm Shift

Mission Support | Please support World Without End – in the Philippines

Mission SupportMission Support | Please support World Without End


Mission Suppot is an opportunity we are given to help, some group or organization, towards a cause, “vision,” they are aiming to bring about.

Vision – It is World Without End Ministry’s “vision” to bring forth, by any opportunity, the truth of the fulfillment that our Lord Yeshua has brought about.Mission Support

Mission – “To influence friends who are living in spiritual darkness, that they also may know the joy of loving the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“The word for Salvation is ‘Yeshua.’ He is the final Lamb slain for the sins of the world.”



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You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…Right? (Full Version)

 You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…Right?
fcg_logo1 copy

Gotta Be Kidding...Right?

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…Right?

Over eighteen months in production, we are excited to provide this tool for introducing Preterism to others. You’ve Gotta Be Kidding . . . Right? chronicles Brian L. Martin’s (General editor of Fulfilled! Magazine) journey to Preterism. Join him as he encounters scriptural principles like audience relevance, apocalyptic language, cloud-comings, and more.

Lighthearted enough to make viewers laugh, interesting enough to keep viewers engaged, and truth-packed enough to make an impact.

Prelimary viewings have left Preterists clamoring for copies to distribute and Futurists stunned at the scriptural support for Preterism.


David B. Curtis | The Feasts of the Lord (1st edition)

The Feasts of the Lord

1st edition of 2003

Feasts of the Lord            Feasts of the Lord

Product – Feasts
The Feasts of the Lord
( MP3 player compatible )

Description:  The first four feasts were a prophetic foreshadowing of the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ while the last three was a prophetic foreshadowing of the second coming of Christ, but the question remains, “was all seven fulfilled or are we still waiting on the last three?”. Study to show yourself approved…be a Berean.

Ten audio/text messages in MP3s which can easily be converted back to wav files or can be played in a MP3 player in your cars.

  1. The Feasts of the Lord Leviticus 23 08/03/03
  2. The Feasts of the Lord Leviticus 23 08/17/03
  3. The Feasts of the Lord Leviticus 23 08/24/03
  4. The Feasts of the Lord Leviticus 23 09/07/03
  5. The Feasts of the Lord Leviticus 23 09/14/03
  6. The Shadow of First Fruits Leviticus 23:10-11 04/11/04
  7. Passover: Types and Anti-type Exodus 12 03/27/05 – 315b
  8. How To Share The Preterist View
  9. Does Eschatology Matter? 08/29/04
  10. Justification by Works? James 2:18-26 05/15/05
Price:  $25

David B. Curtis | The olivet discourse

The olivet discourse
Olivet Discourse

Are you looking for a deeper understand

“TheEnd Times’ According to Jesus” is for you

“The ‘End Times’ According to Jesus” is a 56-kbps mp3, compatible for mp3 players, or able to play in any computer, so you can read the text, that goes along with the messages, though it be IMB, Ubuntu or even Apple.

Product – Olivet
The Olivet Discourse
( MP3 player compatible )
Description:  Matthew 24 and 25 are the “heart” of New Testament prophecy. This is the Lord’s teaching on the times of the end. Looking at this text through first century glasses gives us a whole new meaning of Jesus’ words. Jesus is not talking to us (twentieth century Americans), but to His disciples (first century Jews). Things that were future (to them), at the time of the writing, are ancient history to us. This whole discourse is concerned with answering the disciple’s questions concerning the end of the Jewish age (not world) and the parousia of Christ, both of which would be demonstrated by the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple. If you study through these messages I think they will answer just about all of your questions on the preterist view of eschatology.
Fourteen audio/text messages in MP3s which can easily be converted back to wav files or can be played in a MP3 player in your cars.

The Olivet Discourse

  1. Introduction to the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24:1-2 11/23/97 – 030
  2. Their Questions Matthew 24:3 12/07/97 – 032
  3. Gospel Preached to all the World? Matthew 24:4-14 12/14/97 – 033
  4. The Abomination of Desolation Matthew 24:15-20 12/21/97 – 034
  5. The Great Tribulation Matthew 24:21 01/11/98 – 036
  6. The Night the Lights Went Out in Israel Matthew 24:22-29 01/18/98 – 037
  7. The Sign of His Coming! Matthew 24:30-31 02/01/98 – 039A
  8. This Generation Matthew 24:32-34 02/08/98 – 040A
  9. Global Holocaust or Covenantal Change? Matthew 24:35 02/15/98 – 041A
  10. A Third Coming? Matthew 24:36-42 02/22/98 – 042A
  11. Watch; Be Ready! Matthew 24:42-51 03/08/98 – 044A
  12. The Foolish Virgins Matthew 25:1-13 03/15/98 – 045A
  13. The Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30 03/22/98 – 046A
  14. Judgement of the Sheep & Goats Matthew 25:31-46 04/05/98 – 048A
Price:  $25