New Orleans | Why isn’t New Orleans under water

New Orleans below sea levelNew Orleans
Why isn’t New Orleans under water

since it’s below sea level?

Tuesday October 5, 2004

Dear Yahoo!:

New Orleans
Why isn’t New Orleans under water

since it’s below sea level?


St. Petersburg, Florida

Dear Johanna:

Strange, but true: the Big Easy is, on average, eight feet below sea level. Tall levees to the north and south keep the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain from pouring into the center of the city. And an intricate system of pumping stations and canals keep the land dry, even after heavy rainfall.

Without this drainage system, much of the city would be engulfed in water. New Orleans occupies swampland created by millions of years’ worth of silt deposits from the Mississippi River. As a result, the ground is wet and spongy, and prone to flooding from rainfall and hurricanes.

New Orleans KatrinaFloodingIronically, all the pumps, canals, and levees that work so hard to keep New Orleans above water are actually causing the city to sink at a rate of three feet per century. Some scientists predict that by the year 2100, the “City That Care Forgot” will be under water. Does New Orleans have a deep-sea Mardi Gras in its future? Scuba gear or not, it’s interesting to ponder.

 New Orleans

Like Manner | What about it? by Don K. Preston

Like Manner…
Like Manner | Don K. PrestonPhilippines Mission Outreach

ACTS i. 11. -’ This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go unto heaven.’

Without any doubt, when you engage in serious discussions of the A.D. 70 Parousia of Christ, those in opposition will quickly appeal to Acts 1:9-11 as their “definitive proof” that Jesus did not return in A.D. 70. The argument goes something like this:

  • Fact: Jesus left visibly in a physical body.
  • Fact: The angel told the disciples Jesus would return “in like manner” as they had seen him go.
  • Conclusion: Jesus must return visibly, in a physical body.

In this brief article we hope to demonstrate some of the logical problems with this argument. Our main focus will be to examine Acts chapter 1 in light of other passages that the opponents of Covenant Eschatology also appeal to as descriptions of Christ’s Second Coming. Space prevents us from examining the Greek term translated as “in like manner” to show that it is most often used of a metaphoric likeness, and not a specific literal likeness.1 Instead, we want to examine Jesus’ coming in light of the Transfiguration as well as Revelation, and compare it to this passage in Acts chapter 1. We hope to demonstrate that those who so vehemently insist that Christ is coming back exactly as he left, are, to say the very least, totally inconsistent.

Christ’s Transfiguration as a Vision of the Parousia Continue reading

Dealing with Straw Man Eschatology | Dr. Gary DeMar

destruction_jerusalem_01Straw Man in Eschatology – How to deal with it?

In the Preterist view, God has canceled every covenant with Israel. There is no future or significance for the Jewish people or Israel as a nation. There is no fulfillment of the Davidic covenant. There is no reign of Messiah from a throne in Jerusalem. All of God’s promises to Israel have been nullified. Israel has been replaced by the church. Continue reading

FED – How To End the Federal Reserve System | Gary North

FED - Gary NorthFED – How to End The Federal Reserve

Things are not always as complicated as they seem. With respect to the Federal Reserve System, it is a deliberate mystery. It was deliberately designed in 1910 to deceive the public, who were opposed the idea of a central bank. The conspirators who met on Jekyll Island in November 1910 knew this. They did good work from their point of view. They concealed the beast.

The general public today knows little about the FED. Prior to Ron Paul’s Presidential run in 2007-8, far fewer people understood it.

I have been asked: “How could we get rid of the Federal Reserve? What will replace it?” The answer: either the free market or Congress. Continue reading

Grace Halsell | Forcing God’s Hand (book review)

Grace Halsell - Forcing God's HandGrace Halsell

Forcing God’s Hand:
Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture
and Destruction of Planet Earth

Forcing God’s Hand – The book explores the danger posed by Christian fundamentalism – a doctrine that is sweeping America. Leaders of the doctrine proclaim that God wants – even demands – that Planet Earth be destroyed in our generation. Adherents to this doctrine are said to constitute the fastest growing movement in Christianity today. Continue reading

US Passport Update | Traveling to Cebu this April 2014

US PassportUS Passport Update
Traveling to Cebu this April 2014

PLEASE DONATE TO WORLD WITHOUT END MINISTRY – traveling cost interfering with monthly budget.

US Passport | paypal-donate

I might have to do some traveling to Cebu this next month to pay for my new passport. I sent it in by mail, to our Embassy but they are requesting of me to travel and pay in person instead of on some wire transaction I was informed about.

This is interfering with my budget, since I am supporting my wife in college Nursing/Psychology background, and if any would like to help, so I can keep my monthly budget secure, I am looking at no more than $250 in cost for a back and forth fairy with Cebu Pacific which will pay for trawling, one night affordable rest stop and maybe a little towards the payment on my new passport.

US Passport
Mission Support in the Philippines

Mission is my paypal account, and if you would like to help on sending the money faster use XOOM and send it to the Philippines, in Cagayan de Oro, in the name of Glecilyn Cologon and email me to inform that it was sent along with confirmation #. If you wish to let the confirmation be sent to a cell phone, send it to +63 927 316 1557+63 927 316 1557 and the confirmation will appear in the text message.

Next month I will be leaving for Cebu; your prayers on safe traveling is greatly needed as also for our safety.

Jehovah Jireh – God our Provider – has always provided even if it was in little amounts for our needs have always been met and it is our hope that those who are praying for us in the Philippines are reminded always of the great help they have been doing even in those little amounts.

We Thank You in advance and we thank the many of you who has helped in the past.

Us Passport Questions | Us Passport Application DS-11 | Us Passport Renewal Form DS-82 | United States Passport Locations | Passport Renewal Application | Passport Renewal Post Office | How Long to Get a Passport | Passport in 24 Hours | Passport | Cebu | Traveling | Budget | Confirmation | Passport Renewal | Little Amounts | Monthly Budget | Support | Mission

Social Changes in the Philippines

BLOG – Social Changes

Truth Vs. Fiction | By Evangelist John L. Bray (Biblical Perspectives Newsletter)

Evangelist John L. BrayTruth Vs. Fiction
By Evangelist John L. Bray
Biblical Perspectives Newsletter

© Copyright 2003

IN THE AUGUST 2003 edition of Pre-Trib Perspectives, edited by Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Tim LaHaye, there are two or three statements that to me seem rather odd.

First, in the article, Jesus’ Description of the Great Tribulation, Dr. LaHaye makes this statement: Continue reading

Bible Prophecy Seminar – by Evangelist John L. Bray June 29 – July 2 1997

bible prophecyBible Prophecy Seminar
by Evangelist John L. Bray
June 29 – July 2 1997

Evangelist John L. Bray

Bible Prophecy Seminar, by Evangelist John L. Bray, has taken place in the year 1997…June 29 – July 2 1997.

Five messages that he delivered are as followed…

  1. The Last DaysVLC Media Player OR RealPlayer
  2. Matthew 24
  3. Israel In Bible Prophecy
  4. The Book of Revelation
  5. The Millennium

Here is a small clip of one of his messages which hopefully will get you wanting to hear even more. Small Clip Audio

The “Coming Again” of Jesus in John 14 – by Evangelist John L. Bray

Evangelist John L. BrayThe “Coming Again” of Jesus in John 14
by Evangelist John L. Bray


“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:1-3). Continue reading

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teaching – by Evangelist John L. Bray

Evangelist John L. Bray
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teaching

by Evangelist John L. Bray

Most dispensationalists believe there will be a future seven years of tribulation period after the Rapture and before Jesus comes to the earth, a concept that was unheard of before the early 1800s. In fact, the idea of such a tribulation period consisting of seven years has only one source in the Bible, and that is the prophecy of Daniel’s 70 weeks in Daniel 9:23-24, and that passage says nothing in the world about a Rapture, a second coming of Christ, or even a tribulation period in our time. Everything predicted in Daniel 9:23-24 came to completion by the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, as can plainly be seen by anyone reading the passage with an unprejudiced mind. There is just no way it can be made to apply to a situation many hundreds and even thousands of years away from that time, for that would do away with the very idea of God’s prediction of how long it would take for those things to occur. The exact time was spelled out. Continue reading