David Chilton Lecture Series “The Days of Vengeance”

Dr. David Chilton
Dr. David Chilton

David Chilton
(1951–1997) M.Div. PhD.
Lecture Series “The Days of Vengeance”

Reformed pastor and author of several books on economics, eschatology and Christian Worldview from Placerville, California. He contributed three books on eschatology: Paradise Restored (1985), Days of Vengeance (1987), and The Great Tribulation (1987).

The Days of Vengeance:
An Exposition of the Book of Revelation (1987 – PDF)

David Chilton and Full Preterism: The Facts
Anyone denying that David Chilton
openly stated that he had embraced
the full preterist eschatology
is not telling the full truth.

David Chilton

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  10. Looking For New Heavens and a New Earth (Part 1)
  11. Looking For New Heavens and a New Earth (Part 2)

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