Restoring America One County at a Time

Restoring America – One County at a Time

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The County-Rights Project

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Joel McDurmon
American Vision

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Restoring America – Introduction: Part 1

Restoring America – Introduction: Part 2

Lesson 1 – Education in a Free America 26:48

Lesson 2 – How Freedom Was Lost  37:15 Continue reading

David Chilton Lecture Series “The Days of Vengeance”

Dr. David Chilton
Dr. David Chilton

David Chilton
(1951–1997) M.Div. PhD.
Lecture Series “The Days of Vengeance”

Reformed pastor and author of several books on economics, eschatology and Christian Worldview from Placerville, California. He contributed three books on eschatology: Paradise Restored (1985), Days of Vengeance (1987), and The Great Tribulation (1987).

The Days of Vengeance:
An Exposition of the Book of Revelation (1987 – PDF)

David Chilton and Full Preterism: The Facts
Anyone denying that David Chilton
openly stated that he had embraced
the full preterist eschatology
is not telling the full truth.

David Chilton

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  8. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_8.mp3
  9. Chilton_New_Creation.mp3
  10. Looking For New Heavens and a New Earth (Part 1)
  11. Looking For New Heavens and a New Earth (Part 2)

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Dr. Kelly N. Birks | What is the Preterist View

What is the Preterist ViewWhat is the Preterist View

I. What is the Preterist View of Scripture?

The Preterist view of scripture, eschatology and theology begins with understanding the basic biblical view of hermeneutics. The science of hermeneutics is the science of interpreting scripture. It should be the intent of every Christian student of the Bible to let scripture interpret scripture. This is the Reformed Analogy of Faith at its best. The biblical means of interpreting scripture is to view the scripture within its historical, contextual, linguistic and comparative sense. First, we interpret scripture by its historicity. At what time in history is the passage dealing with? Does the historical situation contribute to the outcome of what the author is attempting to communicate? Next is the context by which we mean that the passage under consideration must be viewed in its immediate and overall context. We cannot separate out verses in order to arrive at our own presuppositional conclusions as to the meaning of a passage. This author has seen that a good 90% of the time, when individuals wrongly interpret scripture it is largely due to the fact that they are ignoring the immediate or overall (wider) context of a passage. When we speak of the Continue reading

Dr. Kelly N. Birks | The Second Coming Series (video)

 Dr. Kelly N. Birks | The Second Coming Series (video)Dr. Kelly N. Birks
The Second Coming Series (video)

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The Second Coming Series (video)
#1: The Parousia Event – Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks

The Second Coming Series (video)
#2: What Christ Taught about the timing – Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks

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Dr. Kelly N. Birks | To all the folks who have walked away from Preterism…..

walked awayTo all the folks who have walked away from Preterism….. An Open Letter.

Every now and then I get the question: “How is it that after a believer discovers and (apparently) becomes convinced that the bible teaches that Christ’s only Second Coming occurred in Ad 70 at the fall of Jerusalem, that then, after some time (even sometimes after years of believing this), they can just walk away or suddenly announce that they no longer believe in it?” Continue reading

David B. Curtis | The Olivet Discourse (Audios)

    Berean Bible Church Sermons by David B. Curtis2014 | Sermons – listed in yearly-order
Berean Bible Church | by David B. Curtis
David B. Curtis | Sermons

The  Olivet Discourse
The Olivet Discourse (Audios)

The Olivet Discourse
[ Written Sermons ]
01 Introduction to the Olivet Discourse Matthew Matthew 24:1-2 Text / Audio
02 Their Questions Matthew 24:3 Text / Audio
03 Gospel Preached to all the World?  Matthew 24:4-14 Text / Audio
04 The Abomination of Desolation Matthew 24:15-20 Text / Audio Continue reading