The Second Coming … by Ward Fenley | Preface

The Second Coming by Ward FenleyThe Second Coming Already happen


Of course, as a Christian, I cannot help but dedicate this book to the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the immutable, omnipotent God. However, I must emphasize those to whom I direct this book: certainly all those who sincerely desire truth in the inward parts (Psalm 51:6); primarily, though, I direct this book to pastors and teachers of the word of God; for it is these men who are to be delivering the sword of the Spirit to the people of God.

It is my prayer that this book would remind pastors throughout the world of their call to preach the truth. Preaching the truth first begins with a severe scrutiny of the heart pertaining to motives. As pastors we must be honest. If we are to be honest preachers we must be honest with the word of God. Continue reading

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Already Happened | Ward Fenley

The Second Coming | Ward FenleyThe Second Coming
of Jesus Christ
Already Happened

Ward Fenley

(c) 1996

“One of the clearest and most convincing presentations of the Biblical case for the preterist view of Scripture” – Walt Hibbard Founder, Great Christian Books

Jesus told the disciples, “Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.” The writer of Hebrews exclaimed, Continue reading

FED – How To End the Federal Reserve System | Gary North

FED - Gary NorthFED – How to End The Federal Reserve

Things are not always as complicated as they seem. With respect to the Federal Reserve System, it is a deliberate mystery. It was deliberately designed in 1910 to deceive the public, who were opposed the idea of a central bank. The conspirators who met on Jekyll Island in November 1910 knew this. They did good work from their point of view. They concealed the beast.

The general public today knows little about the FED. Prior to Ron Paul’s Presidential run in 2007-8, far fewer people understood it.

I have been asked: “How could we get rid of the Federal Reserve? What will replace it?” The answer: either the free market or Congress. Continue reading

No Jewish Race

no jewish race | John L. BrayNo Jewish Race

In addition to findings about the Khazar Jewish beginnings, we need to consider also that because of intermarriages, cross-breeding, etc., there is very little that can be called “Jewish race” today.

The Encyclopedia Britannica (1973), vol. 12, page 1054, actually states: “The Jews As a Race: The findings of physical anthropology show that, contrary to the popular view, there is no Jewish race. Anthropornetric measurements of Jewish groups in many parts of the world indicate that they differ greatly from one another with respect to all the important physical characteristics.” This entire section (of which there is too much to quote here) should be read by anyone interested in the Jews as a race, especially anyone who believes that the so-called Jews of the world are a true Jewish race. The encyclopedia further stated that, “The only race to which the Jews have not achieved a high degree of assimilation is the Nordic.” Continue reading