Grace Halsell | What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

Grace Halsell - forcing Gods handGrace Halsell

Forcing God’s Hand:
Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture
and Destruction of Planet Earth

Epilogue pg. 116-22

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

American Jews sympathetic to Israel dominate key positions in all areas of our government where decisions are made regarding the Middle East. This being the case, is there any hope of ever changing U.S. policy? President Bill Clinton as well as most members of Congress support Israel — and they know why. U.S. Jews sympathetic to Israel donate lavishly to their campaign coffers. Continue reading

Grace Halsell | Forcing God’s Hand (book review)

Grace Halsell - Forcing God's HandGrace Halsell

Forcing God’s Hand:
Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture
and Destruction of Planet Earth

Forcing God’s Hand – The book explores the danger posed by Christian fundamentalism – a doctrine that is sweeping America. Leaders of the doctrine proclaim that God wants – even demands – that Planet Earth be destroyed in our generation. Adherents to this doctrine are said to constitute the fastest growing movement in Christianity today. Continue reading

Death of Death | By Ed Burley

death of death | No-Fear-of-DeathDeath of Death

54b“Death has been swallowed up in victory.” 55 “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” 56 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.” (1 Cor 15:54b-56 NRSV)

We preterists know that “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” This occurred at Christ’s Second Coming in AD70 when He destroyed old Jerusalem. But what significance does that have for us today? Continue reading

David Chilton Lecture Series “The Days of Vengeance”

Dr. David Chilton
Dr. David Chilton

David Chilton
(1951–1997) M.Div. PhD.
Lecture Series “The Days of Vengeance”

Reformed pastor and author of several books on economics, eschatology and Christian Worldview from Placerville, California. He contributed three books on eschatology: Paradise Restored (1985), Days of Vengeance (1987), and The Great Tribulation (1987).

The Days of Vengeance:
An Exposition of the Book of Revelation (1987 – PDF)

David Chilton and Full Preterism: The Facts
Anyone denying that David Chilton
openly stated that he had embraced
the full preterist eschatology
is not telling the full truth.

David Chilton

  1. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_1.mp3DaysofVengeance_1024x1024
  2. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_2.mp3
  3. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_3.mp3
  4. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_4.mp3
  5. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_5.mp3
  6. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_6.mp3
  7. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_7.mp3
  8. Chilton_Days_of_Vengeance_Tape_8.mp3
  9. Chilton_New_Creation.mp3
  10. Looking For New Heavens and a New Earth (Part 1)
  11. Looking For New Heavens and a New Earth (Part 2)

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US Passport Update | Traveling to Cebu this April 2014

US PassportUS Passport Update
Traveling to Cebu this April 2014

PLEASE DONATE TO WORLD WITHOUT END MINISTRY – traveling cost interfering with monthly budget.

US Passport | paypal-donate

I might have to do some traveling to Cebu this next month to pay for my new passport. I sent it in by mail, to our Embassy but they are requesting of me to travel and pay in person instead of on some wire transaction I was informed about.

This is interfering with my budget, since I am supporting my wife in college Nursing/Psychology background, and if any would like to help, so I can keep my monthly budget secure, I am looking at no more than $250 in cost for a back and forth fairy with Cebu Pacific which will pay for trawling, one night affordable rest stop and maybe a little towards the payment on my new passport.

US Passport
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Mission is my paypal account, and if you would like to help on sending the money faster use XOOM and send it to the Philippines, in Cagayan de Oro, in the name of Glecilyn Cologon and email me to inform that it was sent along with confirmation #. If you wish to let the confirmation be sent to a cell phone, send it to +63 927 316 1557+63 927 316 1557 and the confirmation will appear in the text message.

Next month I will be leaving for Cebu; your prayers on safe traveling is greatly needed as also for our safety.

Jehovah Jireh – God our Provider – has always provided even if it was in little amounts for our needs have always been met and it is our hope that those who are praying for us in the Philippines are reminded always of the great help they have been doing even in those little amounts.

We Thank You in advance and we thank the many of you who has helped in the past.

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Social Changes in the Philippines

BLOG – Social Changes

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is an exaggeration of our normal and adaptive reaction to fearful or stressful events.

Anxiety Disorder is brought on by a group of mental disorders characterized by excessive feelings of anxiety and fear…anxiety is worry and fear is a reaction.

Anxiety DisorderAnxiety can be a normal function in our lives that everyone, at certain times, will experience,[1] but, when things that are normal seem to become not-so-normal it can turn into what we might call a disorder. Anxiety, in the form of a disorder, can have a variety of issues such as generalized anxiety disorder,[2] panic disorder,[3] phobias,[4] Obsessive – compulsive disorder (OCD)[5] and post-traumatic stress disorder.[6] It is said that if any of these disorders, that is within the anxiety field, persists close to six months, or even longer, it can then be classified as a generalized anxiety disorder which “…is a serious mental illness.”[7] Continue reading