Our Vision
To make a difference in our communities and around the world.
"It is enough for good people to do nothing, for evil people to succeed."
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Our Mission
To share the Good News.
To influence friends who are living in spiritual darkness, that they also may know the joy of loving the Lord Jesus Christ.
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"The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to see in his cruel work the hand of an avenging God"
by, Charles H. Spurgeon

The Great High Priest
Our Eternal Rest

Item Number: Hebrews
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These are CD-ROM study materials of the sermons over the years that David Curtis has preached upon since his conversion to the Preterist view of Eschatology. Click on the title link to see what is all on each CD before placing your order. All proceeds goes towards helping the Mission work being done in the Philippines, at this present time, and also the teaching being done at Curtis' church to also help them further the good news. These study tools will help you in answering questions to your futurist friends or for you who might be futurist who wishes to have material inorder to know what we as Soverign Grace Preterist accually believe. We at WWE Ministry hold to IBN while others may be holding to IBD...seen from a covenantal standpoint.
The Paradigm Shift
Item Number: eschatology
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The Olivet Discourse
Item Number: matt24
Price: $30

The Next Reformation
Item Number: reformation
Price: $40

The Feasts of The Lord
Item Number: feasts
Price: $20
Walking Thru Colossians
Item Number: Colossians
Price: $30
Walking Thru Galatians
Item Number: Galatians
Price $30 now
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