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"The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to see in his cruel work the hand of an avenging God"  -- Charles H. Spurgeon

The Parousia

Charles H. Spurgeon shares on "THE PAROUSIA" written by J. S. Russell
Though the author's theory is carried too far, it has so much of truth in it, and throws so much new light upon obscure portions of the Scriptures, and is accompanied with so much critical research and close reasoning, that it can be injurious to none and may be profitable to all."

Old Covenant Israel's holidays were prescribed by God...there were seven of them. These seven holidays are discussed throughout the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments. But only in Leviticus 23 are all seven holidays listed in chronological sequence. These seven holidays are called, the Feasts of the Lord.
01  The Feasts of the Lord (Part 1) Leviticus 23   


02  The Feasts of the Lord (Part 2) Leviticus 23   


03  The Feasts of the Lord (Part 3) Leviticus 23   


04  The Feasts of the Lord (Part 4) Leviticus 23   


05  The Feasts of the Lord (Part 5) Leviticus 23   


06  The Shadow ofFirst Fruitss  Leviticus 23:10-11


07  Passover:Types and Anti-typee  Exodus 12Exodus 12


  • Passover pictures the substitutionary DEATH of Jesus as the Passover Lamb

  • Unleavened Bread pictures the BURIAL of Jesus along with His sinless life

  • Firstfruits pictures the RESURRECTION of the Messiah

  • Pentecost pictures the birth of the church

  • Trumpets pictures the judgment

  • Atonement pictures the day of redemptionn

  • Tabernacles pictures our full access to fellowship with God

A Study of Five Greek Words:

DANIEL - by, Dr. Marty Tingelhoff
01  The Book of Daniel  Tape 1  126 
02  The Book of Daniel  Tape 2 1:26
03  The Book of Daniel   Tape 3  1:28 
04  The Book of Daniel   Tape 4  1:26 
05 A Charismatic's Prophetic  Journey Real / MP3 0:44

The Bible Historical Book
Flavius Josephus
Keil & Delitzsch
OT Commentary
Philip Schaff
History of the
Christian Church
8 Vol.

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To be a light during moments when all seems dark and to point people to the source of life which is none other than Christ, for our main purpose upon being here in this world is to encourage people to live and let all that they do bring glory and honor to God alone.

  • Sola Scriptura:
    The Scripture Alone is the Standard
  • Soli Deo Gloria:
    For the Glory of God Alone
  • Solo Christo:
    By Christ's Work Alone are We Saved
  • Sola Gratia:
    Salvation by Grace Alone
  • Sola Fide:
    Justification by Faith Alone

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