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"The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to see in his cruel work the hand of an avenging God"
by, Charles H. Spurgeon

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This Product Will Chage Your Lifestyle
After Trying One Box, You Will Desire To Have Another

Let your first box be the link towards seeing if this product is for you or not;
if you are not satisfied with the first box then simply do not order anymore.



$20 + $5 S/H
For all orders in the USA
If in the Philippines, please contact me dirrectly



[Ultima C]

Ultima-C Sodium Ascorbate
ULTIMA - C is a revolutionary yet natural Vitamin C that is readily absorbed by the body cells. It's unigue cellular actions are due to Vitamin C metabolites that work to maximize cellular utilization of Vitamin C.

ULTIMA - C is effective in addressing the adverse effect of the following:

Nose bleeds
Poor Digestion
Skin Irritation
Free Radicals

Personal Testimoney:

If I only wanted to take just one vitamin a day, instead of many, it would be (ULTIMA C).

I have been taking Vitamins off and on since I was a teenager and later in my life i developed a high liver count, which happen right around the time when the vitamin company i was ordering from merged with another company. My liver count did return to normal, after taking the doctor's advise to avoid vitamins A, D, E and K which are fatty subsintance, but ever since then, finding the right vitamin for my motablism was hard.

Now that I have come to the Philippines, where I do some mission work, in sharing that Jesus Kept His Word, I have come across this product and known about it for over two years, but now I have taken the step to try it for myself and on my very first box, after three weeks, I felt a change and even received compliments by others upon my weightloss. One friend, I tried to share the product with, did not believe it and asked me to share my testimony again after another two weeks, so when my friend saw me again, it was not i who shared about the Vitamin but it was he who asked me and now my friend is trying it out for himself.

All I ask if for you to try just ONE box and if you do not believe it works for your motabulism then disregard it and never buy it again. But, if you do since a change and you believe it is helping then continue taking one or two capsuls a day...there are 100 capsuls to a box which can last anywhere from 1, 2 to even 3 months.

We are in this world for the long haul so lets try to keep ourselves healthy as much as possible for our body is the temple of God.

Bennifits towards buying Ultima-C from this site:

By buying Ultima-C, from World Without End Ministry, you not only will be helping yourself but also the Ministry here in the Philippines. If the product excites you to the point on wanting to sell it yourself, I will be obliged to share on how to become a memeber.

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