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Life in the Philippines
How their life really is lived out in their country

This page is dedicated towards helping the families who are in need.

As I journeyed to the Philippines, I first went there only to meet someone whom I have known online for quite awhile. I also went to the Philippines to even go see the pastor of a church whom one of my Bible study friends told me about. As I was in the Philippines, I noticed a lot of thing different about the way most of them are raised which made me think very strong on my own life. Here in the USA I have always complained of many things about things I wish could be better and yet as I saw how the people are in the Philippines it made me even more thankful on what I already have.

So the question that you might be asking yourself is "why is this webpage here". This webpage is here to help those in the Philippines towards a much better future and the only way to make that happen is by those of you out there who see fit to give to this cause. If we can work upon helping so many students complete their college to where they can get their self a degree those students in exchange can help their family members towards even a much more better future. Classes for the students in the Philippines is not really that much when you began looking at it. All a semester of college really costs each student, in the Philippines, is around $200 to $500, which is anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 Pecos, a semester depending on what course the student is trying to achieve.

As you might know, for us here in the united states, just one semester of college can cost anywhere from $500 to even $5,000 depending on what course you are trying to take. As you might know, and as if have even seen through a few people I have known, the higher we get in our degree the more we have to consider the fees towards taking those classes, but for those in the Philippines, to send a student to college there is much more affordable, but when it comes to the people of the Philippines to find the resources on going to college they really have none because as I have heard from a security-guard, at the motel I was staying at over there, an average family, with a good paying job, makes only around 7,000 Pecos a month...which is almost $130 when converted into American money.

I hope that you can see from what you just read that life really isn't that easy for them out there, but one thing I have seen the Philippine people do that most of us here in America hardly do is to try our best to do what we can with what we have to survive or with the knowledge we have to do the work required to make things meet to help our family to survive.

My grandpa is a very good example that anyone can make a differed in the world is only they are willing to try. Why do I mention my grandpa? I mentioned my grandpa because even he struggled in the beginning as he was young. Here my grandpa had to drop out of school because his family needed him to help make ends meet and later in life, do to the skills my grandpa was willing to develop, by his hard work, my grandpa become a steelworker where he built bridges and so forth and made really good money as well.

It is my desire that you and I both will help bring forth the first step towards most of these people in the Philippines by helping them take the first step by getting them into college so that later on down the road they can help their family and maybe even others like themselves because someone like you and I were willing to step forward to make a difference in another person's life.

It just takes one seed and by that one seed a harvest can come forth.

Will you please plant that seed?


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