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A Life That Has Been Changed
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To Be With You Again - Trust - The Walls of Division - When Love Lets Go - When We Say "I Do"

A Blessing From Above
January 04, 2005

To hold you, to feel you
just to touch my lips to yours
to hug you, to squeeze you
oh what a blessing it is
for this to be real

To recall the day that i have prayed
"Lord send me an angel from above"
He than sent me you, though from far away
but oh, what a blessing it was

Are You Still There
July 13, 2004

I sit here and ponder

are you really there

I sit here and wonder

do you really care


your absence grows stronger

each day I am without you

the memories grow even founder

which helps me to recapture

all the words that we shared


Thinking back in memories

when I first saw you face to face

my first words were

" that you"

as I stared at your smile

and than held you (so dare) with such embrace


Do I care

is my love for you true

right here are my arms

walk into them

and feel what you mean to me

and you will know


For when ever I do hold you

I hold you with care

and when ever I kiss you

it makes the love I have for you

even more aware


As Silence Speaks
September 26, 2004

If I could only hold on to time
I would hold it firm and would not let it go
If only I could just hold on to time
I would than be able to hear you even more

To feel your presence beside me
oh, so much I wish I could
Just to hold you right here beside me
never wishing to even let go

To count the stars at night
or even to feel the drops from the rain
to reveal the secrets from deep within
because there is so much I wish to say

But, really it doesn't matter
where ever we might be
for it's really only you I wish to see
as I am granted that chance
to wispier softly into your ear
"Gihigugma ko ikaw"
which comes from my heart to thee

Color Blind
May 27, 2006

To have a love that's true
To have a love I may
Despite our race or creeds
Our blood is still the same

I'd sacrifice my all
just give me time
to learn of thy ways
but if I ever fall
my love is still the same

For once not long ago
we were two separate beings
each beating to a different tune
not yet knowing where things would lead

We had our ins and outs
words have been left unsaid|
but, despite the distance
that has kept us apart
You have not once
left my heart

The Days of Old
November 30, 2002

Fall back into my arms
Just like the days of old
Let me caress you with my arms
To prevent you from ever getting cold

Though moments of trials are known to come our way
Let us both work it through so that we will not ever stray
For in the end it will make us strong
Because with each other we do belong

Distant Memories

Stranded out in the distant sea
with only memories of thee
Keeping my hope and faith alive
It's the only way to ever survive

Hold on, hold on
Hold on to your memories
Hold on, hold on
Never will I ever forget the

The Eclipse

As the sun and moon collide every once in a great while.
You and I both came together.
We share, we laugh as the minutes pass by
and than comes an hour or two
but we are not surprised.
We have talked on and on
as your area turns to night
and while mine turns to morning
with not even the thought of yet calling it a day.
But as our eyes do grow heavy
and we both need our rest,
we wish each other our very best
while knowing real soon we will speak once again
as the sun and moon once again collide
which is the eclipse.


Forever A Rose
November 15, 2006

Although a natural rose
will fade over time
a love that is true
coming from me to you
it will never die

Spring for us
will be all the time
during both our days
and our nights

Flowers blooming
from the rain that falls
bonding us closer then ever before
as we bring forth new life
into this world

Freedom Found Us
November 2006

Dahil ikaw - my life has changed
Dahil ikaw - such peace I have gained

You were as delicate as a rose
I was as free as a butterfly

But the day my eyes met yours
Dahil ikaw, because of you
my search I know has ended now

Dahil ikaw

September 07, 2004

To gaze at the sunshine
to gaze at the moon
to gaze at the stars in the sky
and even to gaze at you

Yes, to gaze upon you
as I softly rub your cheek
to feel that sweet and lovely softness
as I end each of my sentences to you
with a kiss

Let me hold you near
let me feel you breath
let me listen to your heart
as I count each and every beat

The Great Delight
August 24, 2004

To hear the sound of your voice
to hear the words that you speak
to capture the meaning from your heart
just to reach out my hand and lift you from your seat

Take this journey in life
take this journey with me
lets discover the moments
as we walk against a gentle breeze

Let not rain nor a cloudy day
keep us from ever from growing
lets let the months pass us by
without even shying away
from what we just began sharing

To share our lives
to share our dreams
to share our tears
And even to share many other things

Lets just keep walking forward
down this journey we call life
as we both write this new chapter
entitled "The Great Delight"

A Heart Which Has Been Stolen

As I awoke one night from my sleep
I noticed my heart did not even beat
I asked myself how can this be
mine eyes are open
and my lungs still breath

So I pinched myself
to see if this was only a dream

Ouch that really hurt
how can this be, oh how can this be

Then I noticed
one one cheerful and sunny day
it was you my sunshine
it was you who stole my heart away

If Only
September 23, 2004

If only the words of my heart could be heard
If only it's words could be understood
a message so deep it wants to share
but what keeps them from being revealed
is that since of fear

Fear not, have hope
do not go astray
Have faith, have trust
no matter what trials
may come our way

Let each word be heard
let them be understood
lean your ear towards my heart
for so many things it has to share

Is This Only A Dream
August 10, 2004

Never in my wildest dream
did I ever know
that someone like you was real
never in my wildest dream
did I ever since a love so real

A dream I thought was only a fantasy
but when I met you it than became a reality

Never in my wildest dream
did I ever feel a love that is real
never in my wildest dream
did I ever think I would be able
to share my thoughts with a lady like you

But now my eyes are open
and it is you that I still see
I reach out my hand to touch your face
oh ah, and now I know this is no longer a dream

Just To Be With You

To hold you in my arms
That I want to do
To press my lips to yours
That I want to do
To show how much I love you
To let you know I care
To promise that I will never leave you
Nor will I ever dare

Just To Hear You Speak

As I sit and ponder away
I think on what I can politely say
What can I say, I do not know
What can I say but just hello

To Hear your voice
feels like a sweet gentle breeze
Yes, just to hear you speak
sounds so comforting to me
But oh, oh how I wish I knew
what to speak to thee

What can I speak to thee
Is there one word or are there two
no, no, I believe that there are three
And what are those three words
that my heart so desires to speak
Those three words are "I Love You"
which I hope to share with you
for all eternity

Let Not Doubt Destroy You
April 12, 2005

To share a life, to share a dream
to share about anything

To say the hellos
without the goodbyes
for if I ever said just one wrong word
my soul would than begin to die

We've been through much
as we discovered each other more
we have been through many storms

We shared our dreams
as we set our goals
for how I have seen it
we could of past through any storm

But now that doubt crept back in the door
you let your skepticism destroy the love
that we have set out to explore

Why must you doubt
what good would it do
despite our beliefs
we both held to the most important dearest being

If only we would just look
back through the doors of time
look back at that passing year
where we have laughed and shed so many tears

Our love I knew, our love was true
our love has brought forth so many dreams
so many dreams that have been left un pursued

If only you would just see
If all you would do is just believe
by removing the veil from over your eyes
we both could of gone after our dreams

May This Night Never End
August 29, 2004

These passing memories
they keep recalling
all the times we have shared
all the days I held you in my arms so dear

To feel your presence
to feel the warmth of your arms
to gently lean my cheek to yours
as our lips touch once again

As our passion rises
we become lost in each others thoughts
as both our hearts climax
we become in tune with each others thoughts

Let not this night end
I wish it could go on and on
for never have I ever had a passing thought
of ever wanting to leave your arms

August 2004

In this journey called life
Friends are known to come and go
In this journey called life
The one you love may soon let go

Stars may sparkle while the sun it shines
Flowers my blossom, while other slowly fade and dies

In this journey called life
We will soon grow old
In this journey called life
Soon are days will be no more

A Life That Has Been Changed
October  16, 2004

My one and only love
to me you came
you descend from the heavens like a dove
you hovered over head
circling my life with such a since of love

Could that love ever be defined
are there any words to express, describe
or even to explain away
by how it has changed this once so gloomy and darken life

No words to my knowledge could ever bring it into light
but what about through a hug
for is not a picture worth a thousand words
and within those words
I wish to share with you
just how much you have changed this life

My Love For You

My desire to know you, love you,
and even be able to hold you in my arms
it's more deeper than any ocean that I have ever seen by far.
First you were just a dream,
but now you are reality.
It was you who came to me
it was not I who found you
but it was you who has found me.
I just hope from this day forth
to fulfill your every dream

Never Say Goodbye

There is a word I will not cry
there is a word which makes my heart weak inside
it's a word that brings sadness, tears and pain
it's a word that never brings gladness but only shame

this word I swear to never speak
for if I did my heart would than refuse to beat

A word like this can only bring us pain
so today I swear that never will this word I say

Night and Day
October 25, 2006

As the sun begins to set
we than begin to part our ways
while pondering back
over the memories we've made

So happy, so free
so pure and so clean
why did the night
have to send us off into a dream

If only time would permit
if only our nights could be light our days
never would we have to leave
but forever we could stay

One More Chance

I know when I saw you
you opened the door
the door to this heart of mine

Though dark it was
it made the journey feel long
many moments of silence
many days have felt long
and now that I see you
I notice that your back has turned

Let not the light go out
let not darkness form once more
just turn and look into these eyes of mine
Please, please, let us try once more

One of A Kind

Thoughts of you pass through my mind
Are these thoughts of you?
Are they really mine?
So pure so peaceful
so gentle and kind.
Don't you know?
You're only one of a kind.

November 20, 2005 (anniversary)

We come upon another year
of thinking back over the times we have shared
We had our ups and many downs
while this heart of mine becomes deeper lost in you.

We shared some tears along with some smiles
We even shared our fears and departed for a short while

But to count the cost of loosing you
would make my days very blue
so I ask you please will you stay
as we continue this journey onto several other years.

I love you my Shanne

Please choose to stay

To Hear From You Again
August 7, 2004

In that split moment of time
we have spoken before
but than we came across a closing door
Time past us by as we were apart
although the memories were still there
of the times we have shared
And as time went on by
we came across another door
And after I opened it (the door)
there you were once more

Thoughts of You

Thoughts of you pass through my mind
are these thoughts of you, are they really mine
so pure, so peaceful, so gentle and kind
don't you know that you are only one of a kind

Through Simple Eyes
April 16, 2005

To see such beauty
to see the creation of things
to watch God's hands move
as we plant the seeds of simply things

Watching creation bloom
exploring the hills up high
hearing the water flow
as we stare up into the sky
while watching a falling star drift on by

So many lovely things
made by God's own hand
would I ever dare to see
if it was not for these simple eyes
who has lit up this life of mine

To Be With You Again
September 18, 2004

Tears of joy, tears of pain
tears of memories and tears of unfulfilled dreams
these tears I cry, each one I do count
as they slowly form a stream
to soon set sail for that longing desire
that desire to be beside you once again

Hoping to journey with you
All through the ups and downs
to be there with you
as I watch your smiles
and as I even watch your frowns

Let me feel your touch
let me caress your cheek
let me touch your lips with mine
as we slowly drift off into a peaceful sleep


Trust in your heart
not in what you can see
Trust in your heart
let not doubt cause you to flee
for trust must be gained
through the seasons of time
and if that trust does remain
love will come forth in it's do time

The Walls of Division
November 08, 20065

I tried so many ways to say
words for me that are true
words that comes from me to you
words that grows as we share
words that shows that we care

So many way I have tried
that even tears came from my eyes

So before our love dies
let us give it one last try

Just take down that wall
that causes us to divide
and rest right here
in these arms of mine

Even though our traditions
may crash and collide
I know, I know
that over time
we will see with Simple Eyes

When Love Lets Go
September 2, 2004

When I first laid eyes on you
I saw you descending from the heavens
like a falling star

To me you came
and touched my heart
you rose me from the dead
you brought forth a new chapter
which began to cleanse
this old and wrenched heart

I one time thought
"never would I love again"
my past was too treacherous
to even think of moving on

Each time I tried to love
I would always give my whole heart
and each time I laid it on the line
it only began being torn apart

Tears would run down my face
as I would think back
back upon those old thoughts
thoughts of when I was able to share
share the secrets of my heart

As these thoughts would pass
out far my arms would stretch
in hope to touch your face
to feel that love once again

but now today and even the days to come
all those thoughts and memories
are just dust in the wind
as my heart once again
tries and finds a new chapter
with hopes of moving on.

Will you ever come back
will there ever be another song
a song in which we could share our love
share our love once more

have faith, have hope
keep on praying
ask of God if He will give you the strength
the strength to never let go
as we continue our travel down these roads
just please donít ever let go
donít ever let go

When We Say "I Do"
November 14, 2004

To hold you by the hand
as we walk together down these roads
to journey with you in this life
as we discover one another even more

Let not fear nor doubt
ever cause for you to stray
for I am right here
and those vowels that we shall soon swear
not one of them shall I ever break