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"We must be willing to learn" our lover's "primary love language if we are to be effective communicators of love."

Love is always a choice not all the time a feeling although feelings do fallow through sometimes.


  • No one is perfect.

  • Love doesn't keep a score of wrongs.

  • Love doesn't bring up past failures.

  • Love makes request not demands.

  • Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment.

As Silence Speaks
September 26, 2004

by John Paul

If I could only hold on to time
I would hold it firm and would not let it go
If only I could just hold on to time
I would than be able to hear you even more

To feel your presence beside me
oh, so much I wish I could
Just to hold you right here beside me
never wishing to even let go

To count the stars at night
or even to feel the drops from the rain
to reveal the secrets from deep within
because there is so much I wish to say

But, really it doesn't matter
where ever we might be
for it's really only you I wish to see
as I am granted that chance
to wispier softly into your ear
"Gihigugma ko ikaw"
which comes from my heart to thee

The key to ironing out differences is respecting each other, and acknowledging that each other has a right to disagree with the other.


"The manner in which we speak is exceedingly important" if ever we are willing to let each other grow.


Word of Advise
"We can't give trust away easily in any circumstance. It needs to be earned. But it can't be earned if we do not take risks."

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